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Okanagan Rock & Gem Show


2024 Okanagan Rock & Gem Show

Friday 12-Sunday 14 July 2024

Rutland Centennial Hall Map
215 Shepherd Rd
Kelowna, BC


Dealers May change
Komarevich Originials
Mike Komarevich
Natural Selections
Robert Draychuk
Kelowna Metal Detectors
Ken Dewerson
Crystals I-am Creation
Marilyn and Kevin Collins
Wilma Laboucane
Kelowna Rocks & Gems
Remy and Doug Kesslar
Ken's Custom Jewerly
Ken Erickson and Ronda Nome
Rockin' With Lindea
Lindea Parnell
Belle ByerDeebreeze Crystals
Dee Ryder
Rob Whiskin
L.A. Orignials
Linda Zepik
Lucky Strike
Jim Noyes
Kellie's Crystals and Jewelry
Kellie Wheeler
Alemash Tekie Berhane
Dave Barclay Scholarship Fund
Gemantra Gems and Minerals
Sam Kapur
Harlan Rudd
Sublime Amathyst
Vito Stiebel
Collin Doerksen
Carol's River Gems
Carol Georgeson